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Style: Rave Pop / New Wave

Subject: religiously determined fanatism / Dangers arising in conjunction with spreading ’asymmetric’ wars as well as with proliferation of mass destruction weapons, also into terrorist organizations / the state of suppression still predominant in our society concerning a vital problem of the world: the worsening relations between the Islam and the other world religions [and their violent followers resp.] / Vigilance


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Style: EBM / New Wave

Subject: Description of a nuclear reactor MCA / Criticism of the never ending security declarations of the nuclear industry and the responsible governments against their better knowledge [the original version of this song was released 6 months before Chernobyl]


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Style: New Romantic / Epic Pop

Subject: Despair and lack of orientation caused by loss of a relationship actually considered for lifetime / Ability to let go as the only appropriate attitude of mind in the face of existential, sometimes suddenly occurring transiency / Acceptance of the necessary dialectics of ’growth’ and any kind of loss


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Style: Art Pop / New Wave

Subject: interior view of a man who feels his existence determined in a kafkaesque way / Isolation of the individual within society


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Style: Psychedelic / Lounge / Art Pop

Subject: Contemplation of the inner power for a change, in particular for the individual change / Ability to communication, empathy and forgiveness / no problem solution by suppression / Law of decline of all rigidity