Album Release 2011:


Time for Change


They're back again! The head and voice of the german techno-cult-act Moskwa TV: In close collaboration with Andreas Velte and Christian Walter [Fruit, owner of Klanghouse-Studio (a. o. Nils van Gogh, Mundstuhl, Automanic)], Paul-Alexander Schulte [Earth Nation, Vorsprung durch Technik, Winson, Laith Al-Deen, DAF, Silicon Funk] and Mike Burn [a. o. mikeburn and friends, The Mabuse Project (with Kai Eckhardt, Sean Rickman, David Haynes, Kate Cassidy), Burn/Hewer/Iorio (with Mark Hewer & Daniel Iorio)] singer and songwriter Ion Javelin now has completed the art pop-album Time for Change which, in comparison with early Moskwa TV, turned out to be more elaborated, more complex and just cooler without though having lost touch with the central features particularly of the very last album of Moskwa TV called 'Javelin': Thrilling, sophisticated compositions, charismatic, within the refrains often polyphonic singing, finely tuned & vivid arrangements which from time to time leave space for (also acoustic) solos, imaginative sound-landscapes as well as ambitious lyrics with references to psychological, political and philosophical issues.

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